Little Badgers

Little Badgers

Little Badgers is our room for children aged two to 3 (toddlers).

At this stage of their development we start to introduce a basic routine so they are ready for their eventual move to pre-school. We encourage the children to develop at their own pace, giving them many opportunities to thrive and grow.

Our toddlers benefit from many areas including a reading/comfy corner, computer access, home corner, construction, and creative/messy play area, as well as host of natural toys and resources, The Curiosity Approach again being very evident in this room.

Toilets and sinks are close by so the children can learn and develop their concepts of early personal hygiene.

Direct access to our large outdoor plays areas ensures they get that all important fresh air each day they are in the nursery. A separate sleep room is available where children are able to sleep on bed mats, with the room and sleep times being monitored.

Before they make the step to the final pre-school rooms – Little Owls & Foxes – at Clever Clogs Belmont, we will assess each child and at the appropriate time and in very close consultation with parents, ensure this transition is carried out as smoothly as possible.

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