Small Discoverers


Small Discoverers is our room at Clever Clogs Bowburn for older babies up to around two years.

We still very much follow the home routine whilst encouraging the children to fully explore and investigate their surroundings. Our older babies spend their day playing with a range of developmental/educational toys, again taking the open-ended heuristic approach.

They are encouraged to express themselves through play which helps to build their independence and confidence. There are many activities and toys on offer, from sensory and messy play through to role-play. There is direct access to the outside play areas and at this age the children spend as much time as possible outdoors, whatever the weather (that’s what hats, scarves, gloves and wellies are for!)

A separate sleep room is available where children are able to sleep in cots or bed mats, with the room and sleep times being monitored.

Once they are ready to leave Small Discoverers, the children will prepare for the next step in their learning and developmental journey by moving to our next room – Little Explorers – at Clever Clogs – starting with a few trials before they make the permanent step to this room.

We ensure parents are involved at every step of this process and the transition is carried out as smoothly as possible.

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