Choosing a nursery

Choosing a nursery

Choosing a nursery for your child is difficult at any time but doing this during a global pandemic makes it even harder.

Luckily for mum-of-one Kathryn Watson, she was able to lean on people she knows for good advice, and this led her to the doors of Clever Clogs Bowburn.

Kathryn’s daughter, Alexandra, was born at the very start of the pandemic in 2022 and with her return to full-time work (Kathryn works as an estates surveyor) from maternity planned for early 2021, she needed to find a suitable day nursery.

She explains: “My friend’s grandson went to Clever Clogs and recommended it to me. He was really advanced for his age so I knew they must be doing something right, but I also did the other things like read the Ofsted report and visit the website, basically getting as much information as I could.

“I also asked my sister, who is an early years teacher, for her advice, and she also gave the nursery her seal of approval.

“I visited the nursery with Alexandra in December 2021. They were still following the Covid-19 guidance to keep everyone safe, so we were in a room alone, but everything still felt right.”

Just over one year later, and with Alexandra approaching her second birthday, Kathryn says she couldn’t be happier with her choice of nursery.

She adds: “She’s not even two and is already talking well, counting to ten, knows her colours, and can say the names of the other children in her room.

“When I pick her up on my way back from work, she is bright and alert, so now I know for myself they are doing something right!”

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